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Looking at the future with a different attitude in iMohajerati Company.We are here to implement the decision you have been struggling with for years!

iMohajerati Company consists of experienced experts and specialists who have mastered all immigration methods and updating information is their daily concern.

What distinguishes our experts from others is the specialized handling of immigration cases according to the conditions of each person, continuous updating of information according to new laws, and providing all immigration services even after entering the destination country.

Rajaby Migration Holding

This complete and perfect process started from the beginning of Rajaby Migration Holding’s activity in 2012 under the management of Mr. Rajaby and is being implemented in both Tehran and Shiraz branches of Rajaby Immigration Company.

Mr. Rajaby established Rajaby law firm in 2016 and registered Rajaby Immigration Company with number 562051 in 2020 so that applicants can make a correct decision according to their conditions by taking advantage of the knowledge and experience of the experts present at Rajaby Holding. 

iMohajerati International Certificates

Obtaining representation from prestigious universities in different countries and obtaining an international job permit is a small part of the actions of the iMohajerati Company; it is one of the subgroups of Rajaby Immigration Holding, which provide ease of going through the immigration process for applicants.

The concern of all the personnel of iMohajerati Company in the different stages of the immigration process makes them able to bring the applicants to their destination with the least possible risk and put a smile of satisfaction on their faces.

You can see examples of our successful cases by referring to the page of visas and videos related to the clients of iMohajerati Company and hope that soon your visa will be among the others.

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